Public service in Vienna

In our customer project with the public sector in Vienna, we successfully conducted our interactive workshop on the topic of artificial intelligence in marketing with a focus on social media. Find out how our consulting expertise supported the company in a new way.

„As the workshop progresses, it becomes more and more concrete and you really get into action!“

Dominik Grabner


What we have achieved in the public sector in Vienna

Initial situation:

The social media department of the public sector has already heard of the common AI tools and has even tried some of them out itself. Due to the many providers, it is a very opaque field for employees and they have difficulty going into depth or discovering suitable tools for themselves.


The participants' knowledge of artificial intelligence is to be consolidated within the 360 minutes. The aim is to create an in-depth understanding of AI tools so that employees can better evaluate new AI tools and use them for their work. Participants will try out new applications for themselves and push them to their limits.


New AI tools that were not yet known to the participants were tested. The participants had several tasks that they had to solve in small groups. This allowed them to gain new insights and develop their own plan for using the various applications. In addition, ideas for implementation within the organization were developed and pitched to each other. The sense. Workshop not only broadened the horizon beyond ChatGPT as an exciting AI tool, but also strengthened collaboration within the new team.

Information on the structure of the workshop